Network Uses For Cargo Containers You Probably Didn’t Know

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The humble cargo container is a bit more surprising than you might think. It can hold a large amount of merchandise – more than enough to stock a small store. They stand up to heat and cold well, keeping products safe in the harshest of weather. They’re even incredibly strong, keeping their shape even under duress. With all that said, it should come as no surprise that there’s more than one use for these robust containers. Below are just three of the ways you can get more out of your cargo containers, methods of use that will allow you to make the most of your investment.

Shipping Tricycles

Perhaps the ur-example when it comes to cargo container usage, these containers are the best product out there for shipping things over land by train or over water. Containers for cargo have a tremendous amount of carrying capacity, stand up to lots of damage and can be used again and again. If you’re already shipping products, you really should be investing in these containers. If you are getting ready to start a shipping business, these containers should be your first purchase. This is the best use for any cargo container on the market – so don’t be left out.

Storage For Catering

Not ready to ship your goods? Fortunately, cargo containers also make fantastic storage units. Reliable and durable, these units can keep your non-perishables safe even when the weather outside turns hot. While these containers won’t keep your frozen goods or provide an excellent environment for things that need to be kept cold, they are perfect for anything that just needs to be held directly out of the weather. These containers are a great alternative to investing in a storage unit or a warehouse, and they can be repurposed for your business as necessary – not bad for a one-time investment.

Architecture That New Home

One of the unique uses for cargo containers is in the field of design. The current repurposing fad in housing makes these containers a great fit for those looking to build small homes, and there have even been a few successful communities that use the containers as the basis for entire apartment communities in some spots of the world. While not ideal for housing, they do make great temporary structures – so consider them as a temporary shelter on job sites. If you want to make some money, you might even consider selling cargo container units to artists or architects for a profit.

Whether using them for shipping, storage, or even shelter, the uses for cargo containers seem to be endless. It’s really up to your imagination to figure out how they are used, so don’t fret if you only have ideas for short-term purposes. These containers stand up to time and weather, so you can always repurpose them after you get done with your original plans. With a little effort and some creative searching, you can find ideas that will let you get more out of your containers than you may have imagined.

Improving Web Presence With Social Media SEO

The importance of link building in search engine optimization cannot be undermined. In fact, it is a well-established standard in Internet marketing. SEO plays an integral role in driving traffic to a website. However, in today’s world, where the predominance of social networking is undeniable, the results you want will not be delivered solely through link building. To optimize your web presence, your campaign must take advantage of social media SEO.

Social media enables you to place your brand and website directly before potential customers. Additionally, creating content-rich pages and distributing them across social media will allow you to interact with your followers and watch them interact with each other. Your followers will be able to share the content as well.

When used in conjunction with link building, social media SEO can be tremendously valuable to your virtual relationships. By consistently providing timely, high-quality content that piques the interests of your followers or “friends,” they will find value in continuously going to your social media pages. Making the content easy to share is also a remarkable way of getting additional social media exposure.  

There are steps that can be taken to enable you to tap into the power of social media networking. This will improve the SEO of your company. Best of all, these steps can be easily implemented. YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn and other social media pages surface in search results along with other types of content. As such, you can reap tremendous benefits from creating social media pages and profiles. The following tactics can be used to enhance your social media SEO.  

Make Your Profile Relevant  

To improve your Web presence, your profile must contain relevant details regarding your business and the services or products you offer. It is vital to ensure you incorporate keywords that are relevant to your target audience and the links to your website should be up-to-date and functioning.   

Make Regular Posts

Search engines pull results multiple times per day. As a result, making regular posts on your social media accounts can assist in increasing SEO rankings. Regularly updating your profiles by creating new content will also help to build more followers.  

Encourage Followers

On your website, you can add a button that will make it easy for visitors to access your social media accounts and become followers. Each social media network has its own easily accessible button that can be added to your website. When linked social media icons are added, it makes it much easier for visitors to follow your page.   

Optimize Your Posts

When making social media posts, ensure relevant keywords are incorporated. Whenever possible, you should incorporate hashtags as well. Doing this could significantly increase the chances of the posts appearing in social search results.      

Interacting with your social following and getting them involved can engender a deep connection to your brand. When they feel truly connected, they are more likely to share your content with their friends. It can be difficult to get started; however, make sure time is dedicated to social interaction every day.

Some Answers To Questions About Chromemate

Chromium is a mineral that the body requires for good health. Some evidence shows that chromium may play a role in keeping blood sugar levels stable. Chromium also plays a role in breaking down fat and sugar. Because of these characteristics, many people take chromium to achieve weight loss. Several foods contain chromium, including brewer’s yeast, broccoli, grapes, garlic and potatoes. However, it is difficult to determine exactly how much of it certain foods contain because of agricultural practices used to grow foods.

Natural Sources of Chromium

Most people get the chromium they need from the foods they eat, but some individuals may not get enough of this important mineral. As a result, they may decide to take Chromemate ® supplements. One reason some people take Chromemate®, a form of chromium, is because they believe it supports healthy blood sugar levels already within normal range. Not getting enough chromium could be a factor in type 2 diabetes. In type 2 diabetes, the pancreas may not make enough insulin or the body cannot use insulin effectively due to insulin resistance.

Those who choose to take Chromemate® should make sure the supplement will not have adverse effects. Taking too much Chromemate® could cause gastrointestinal issues and problems with the kidneys and liver. Additionally, taking excess Chromemate® can play a role in anemia.

Nework Marketing and the Health Industry

Chromemate® is often sold via network marketing in the health industry, which means that entrepreneurs who sell Chromemate® have family members or other acquaintances who help them sell the product.  Those who purchase this product should make sure to do so from a reputable source. While the Food and Drug Administration does not require clinical trials and extensive testing on supplements, the agency does expect persons selling supplements to be honest about products and their side effects. A seller of such products cannot make false statements and claims regarding a product’s ability to treat or cure specific conditions.

Before taking any supplements, individuals need to educate themselves to make informed decisions. The best advice for anyone electing to supplement his or her diet with Chromemate® is to talk with a doctor or pharmacist about dosage and other concerns to reduce the risk for serious side effects.


Network Marketing

Network marketing is a model that requires a distributor network to build the business. Such business usually employs multilevel marketing strategies, and payouts occur at different levels. If you are looking for a part-time or a flexible business, network marketing is the best opportunity for you Various companies that have succeeded from network marketing in America include Mary Kay Cosmetics, Avon, and Tupperware.

For network marketing to be successful, companies must purchase a product sample kit that gives them an opportunity to sell their products directly to a family, friend, and other potential customers. These programs can require the participants to recruit sales representatives as a strategy to boost the sales base. The recruits are the representative’s downline staff, and their sales activities generate some income for the participants above them.

The situation can be tricky if the program only compensates the participants for recruiting more sales representatives rather than focusing on selling the company’s products. Such network can be considered as an illegal pyramid scheme. If you want to participate in network marketing, make sure that the program is primarily meant to promote the products of the company.

Advantages of network marketing

  1. Leveraging

The primary reason as to why network marketing is a perfect business opportunity for the participants is leveraging. Without leverage, network marketing will not exist. The strategy for growing your network market is to teach other people about the best business practices that can boost their sales potential for them to help those below them.

  1. Offers a chance to earn extra income.

It is normal for everybody to look for additional sources of income. Without this, it will be difficult for network marketing to be successful, and we will entirely rely on our primary source of income. This will limit our ability to grow economically because we are consistently in need of money. Network marketing acts as an extra source of income as it does not require you to quit the current job or occupation.

  1. You can do part-time network marketing

The encouraging concept about network marketing is that you can start it as a part timer until you build a sustainable network. After building a sustainable network, you can then decide to resign from your current position or continue networking as a part-timer. Network marketing gives you a chance to make decisions as a manager, and you can schedule your work without any external influence.

  1. Time freedom

It is imperative to combine time and effort in network marketing to make a significant amount of money through group work and leverage. You can utilize the little time you have in building a sustainable network that will eventually guarantee you a continuous stream of income.


How to improve marketing skills

In order to come out on top in any field, marketing and the proper presentation of goods, services or people has become of utmost importance. Marketing skills can be more acquired with on hand job experience than learned. When it comes to standing out in the cacophony around the world, you have to find a unique selling point and appeal to some perspective of the target group. Here are some tips that will help you improve your marketing skills.

– Stay on top: With so many new ideas circulating the world via the internet, you have to stay informed regarding what the new trends are in every field. You have to know what is actually happening all around the world and what would be the effect of the so called transitions. If you are well informed, you will be able to make marketing decisions that are ahead of the current trends and know what you are up against.

– Know what you are selling: Marketing increases the saleability of a product. For that to happen, the marketer has to be passionate about the features of the product and know it in and out. That will help you emphasize on the key features based on what the customer needs.

– Out of the box thinking: Mundane products have done exceptional business just because their advertisements and presentation was unique. Present you product in such a manner that it appeals to the masses. Brainstorm and think out of the box to try out something unique that will be your area of focus.

– Know your audience: You should know the people you are targeting, their sentiments, religious affiliations, cultures, mindsets, etc. This will help you create a marketing strategy that will appeal to their viewpoint. You should know your focus group really well so that you can tailor the perception of the product to suit their needs.

– Interact with people and expand your knowledge base: Reading is the best way to expand your knowledge base. Read up articles, editorials, books, etc to know more about how people think. Interacting with people will enrich your knowledge as well as give you practical insights into the workings of human nature. Not only does talking help you be confident, but also ensures that you appear confident and convincing in order to gain a stand in a group.

A great marketer is not the one who has crazy advertisements to back him, but he is the one that can even appeal to insane audiences with sane advertisements. In order to be one of a kind, you have to think beyond your normal horizons and stretch your imagination beyond what you thought was possible.

Mapping The World With Google

If you are of a certain age, you probably remember trying to figure out directions, or find exactly where somewhere was located, without the help of Google maps. Most younger people of course, have grown up with the Internet and the associated technology and find it hard to believe there was ever a time when electronic mapping didn’t exist.

However, Google maps have not been around as long as you might think – the concept was introduced in 2005, and of course, it revolutionized the world of mapping. It has become the most widely used smartphone app in the world, with over 54 percent of smartphone users making use of the technology at least once, although many people rely entirely on the mapping technology to get them where they want to go. The maps allow users to zoom in and out, to move to an adjoining area, and to overlay street names on top of a photograph of the area. In addition, places of interest including hotels, public buildings, shops and restaurants can be identified and located by using the maps.

Google maps has become much more than just a source of maps or directions. One of the most popular features is the Google satellite view, which now covers much of the world, from the largest cities to the most remote places. The imagery allows you to see what a building or landmark looks like, or to look down into your neighbor’s back yard from above. You can zoom in and out, even rotate the camera angle. The level of detail is such that some people have complained about privacy issues, and there have been concerns about security being compromised at the White House, and at military and nuclear facilities.

Google has taken the technology further, by introducing various other applications that use maps or directions. Some of these include a ride finder which locates taxis and limousine services, and a rapid transit application which calculates not only how to get there on public transport, but how much it costs. Google has taken its technology to space and to the bottom of the ocean, with Google moon and Google underwater street view, offering views of the spectacular Great Barrier Reef. Indoor maps were added in 2011, allowing the user to navigate large indoor spaces such as airports, shopping malls or museums.

How Marketing can Help Your Business

Hundreds of growing, California businesses search daily for Sacramento SEO services, but what exactly is all the fuss about? Well, do you remember the days of billboards and promotional mailings? Those days aren’t exactly over; online marketing is now taking the lead. The funding allocated to digital advertising by US businesses has increased exponentially, in the past five years, while also doubling for mobile marketing (i.e., the advertisements geared toward mobile devices like smartphones and tablets).

The majority of this incredible $16.6 billion dollar funding is being contributed by larger corporations who can afford to hire a California SEO expert (or several) and really tap into the online consumer presence. Smaller and start-up businesses encounter more difficulty in realizing their online potential. These small, west coast businesses may only dedicate 3-5% of an advertising budget to web presence, not seeing the immediate payoffs or the general benefit of online marketing. And because their budgets are lower, harnessing Sacramento SEO seems financially unfeasible.

This practical approach for small businesses can actually harm your bottom line and keep a California business from becoming an international success. Yes, there is some risk involved in hiring a California SEO expert, just like any other investment. But it can have monumental results, ultimately enabling business expansion and increased revenue. And not all SEO experts have unreasonable service rates. OnPoint Internet Marketing, for example, can give your business the competitive edge with dollar-for-dollar custom marketing.

What exactly does that mean? OnPoint Internet Marketing is a Sacramento internet marketing company Yelp dedicated to delivering results in the form of increased revenue. The OnPoint team consists of specialists, managers, and developers from across the globe who have an average of ten or more years of experience in the industry. Each client is guaranteed increased online visibility through the best in Sacramento SEO, which is the launching point for more valuable leads and overall business growth.

Services include having a California SEO expert, Craig de Borba, on your side, along with SMO (social media optimization), business mapping, and consumer engagement. We believe that when you choose a Sacramento marketing company, it should fulfill all of your business’ marketing needs in a comprehensive and cohesive plan. So if you need additional services, such as video or email marketing, in addition to the standard social media presence and SEO, On Point can incorporate those features into your custom plan, too.


The world of online marketing can seem daunting and stressful; as a business owner, you have more to think about than Sacramento SEO or web visibility for driving the heart of your business. That’s where Craig deBorba and his experienced Sacramento internet marketing team come in – working with you in a long-term partnership that’s focused on staying true to your ideas while increasing your revenue.

If you don’t know where to start or what services could best improve your existing online presence, consult with us today. When you contact OnPoint Internet Marketing to reserve a consultation, you’ll get an immediate response so that we can start working together to take your business to the next level.